Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama In, Bush Out

44th President of the United States of America atan Barack Hussain Obama lakluh a ni chu khawvel titi ber a ni. President hlui George W Bush chhuak tur chu US President te chuanna tur Helicopter (Executive One) chuan a phur haw nal nal a. Bungalow thil hum haw a neih hriat a ni lo. Obama nupui Michelle Obama inchei dan tur hisap lawkna chuan Fashion World-a chengte a khawih buai nghal viau.

Inauguration neihna hmun, National Mall-ah khan Portable Toilets (Toilet Van) 5000 zet an dah a, Free tickets 24000 zet siam a ni bawk. Swearing hmunah khan sipai 32,000 standby-in an ding thap.

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